Air Tahiti Nui cancels China charter - report

3:31 pm on 22 January 2020

French Polynesia's international airline has cancelled the charter flight from China planned this week for China's New Year holiday.

Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui Photo: Supplied

According to Radio 1, Air Tahiti Nui took the step after reportedly failing to secure landing authorisations for any of the three Chinese airports it wanted to fly to.

The report says this is because Air Tahiti Nui didn't provide the documentation requested by the Chinese authorities.

Although French Polynesia attained approved destination status in 2008, no direct air links have been established.

In 2014, an agreement was reached between China and French Polynesia allowing each side to nominate two carriers to fly between the Chinese airports of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and Tahiti.

Air Tahiti Nui eyed setting up direct air links to Beijing when it ordered its Boeing Dreamliners five years ago.