20 Jan 2020

Measles outbreak in Fiji's Serua, Namosi area declared over

11:32 am on 20 January 2020

The measles outbreak in Fiji's Serua and Namosi areas has been declared officially over but an outbreak in the Central Division is ongoing.

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Photo: Facebook / Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services

A total of 12 cases of measles were reported from Serua/Namosi during its outbreak but as there have been no new cases reported in more than 42 days - two incubation periods - authorities say the all clear has been given.

The government said the end of the outbreak came through massive response efforts from health teams, which included the vaccination of 96 percent of the Serua/Namosi of the subdivision's population.

Despite Central Division still categorised as under an outbreak, weekly reported cases have decreased and there have been no new cases since 9 January.