10 Jan 2020

New Caledonia's Industry Federation stages anti-govt protest

4:20 pm on 10 January 2020

New Caledonia's Industry Federation has staged a protest against the government in Noumea, unhappy about current policies.

Microphone in focus against blurred protesters.

Photo: 123rf

The group, which represents about 600 local businesses, said it was fed up being scorned and left without respect.

Reports say about 200 demonstrators gathered today in the hope of being received by the president.

Its leaders claim that government policies are damaging to their interests and put thousands of jobs at risk.

Its head Xavier Benoist said while the government launched its plan to revive the economy, it would on the contrary destroy parts of local industry.

He has told the local newspaper that the recently established anti-competition watchdog consistently rules against the interests of his organisation.