Dengue outbreak stabilises in French Polynesia - authorities

11:42 am on 30 December 2019

French Polynesian health authorities say the dengue type 2 outbreak has stabilised - although another 163 people were infected in the first half of the month.

Anopheles Freeborni Mosquito Pumping Blood.

Anopheles Freeborni Mosquito Pumping Blood. Photo: CDC / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Almost 2400 people have contracted the mosquito-borne since the start of the outbreak in February.

The authorities are concerned as the wet season has only just started.

They also say the flu epidemic is continuing and three more people have got leptospirosis.

Meanwhile, people are urged to ensure their measles vaccination is up to date following outbreaks in New Zealand and Samoa, where 81 people have died.

Since 1987, measles vaccinations have been compulsory in French Polynesia.