24 Dec 2019

New Caledonian NGO to fund energy generation study

4:00 pm on 24 December 2019

A New Caledonian NGO says it will fund a study about energy generation following the announcement that a new gas power station will be built for Noumea.

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The organisation, Together for the Planet, or EPLP, said using imported fossil fuel added to pollution and showed politicians' lack of ambition for the environment.

It said for more than a decade there had been calls to opt for renewable electricity sources, such as solar, while the governments first proposed using coal and now choose liquefied gas.

EPLP said those options were presented as solutions although there were no studies.

It also said there was no point in investing in fossil fuel energy generation if carbon neutrality was a goal for 2050.

According to Meteo France, New Caledonia had ideal conditions to generate solar power.

It said it had commissioned a study on the subject and would publish the results in March.