20 Dec 2019

Tuvalu man has record size tumour removed in India

9:54 am on 20 December 2019

A Tuvalu man has undergone robotic surgery to remove what Indian surgeons claim is the largest thyroid tumour in the thoracic cavity ever recorded.

Public hospitals reported more than 500 adverse events or failures in the past year.

The record size tumour was removed during a five hour operation. Photo: 123RF

Surgeons at a New Delhi hospital performed what they described as "minimally invasive surgery" on Iakopo Moloti'i, 54, who was diagnosed with a large tumour in his chest.

A team of specialists at BLK Super Speciality Hospital removed the thyroid tumour, 12cm by 10cm, during a five hour operation.

PTI News reports that the patient has recovered well and was discharged after four days recuperation.