6 Dec 2019

Water disruptions continue for thousands in Fiji

9:37 am on 6 December 2019

About 10,000 residents in northern Fiji have been without any water supply for a week now.


Water Photo: 123RF

The Water Authority of Fiji said the disruptions were due to six bursts detected at the main pipeline in the northern division.

It says it was trying to "maintain operational procedures by ensuring efficient pressure and right valve settings for inflow at the break-pressure tank".

Some families from Labasa town told the Fiji Times the disruptions had been ongoing.

Others say the situation is tiring and they have had to hire vehicles to fetch water.

The Authority has assured residents the water supply would return to normal as soon as engineers repaired the pipeline.

It said the affected areas included Batinikama, Siberia, parts of Vunika, Soasoa, Bocalevu, Qelewaqa, Wailevu areas, Basoga, Bulileka, Boca, Urata, Dreketilailai and Boubale area.