4 Dec 2019

US man jailed in Samoa for importing meth

1:20 pm on 4 December 2019

A US-based Samoan man has been jailed in Samoa for three years after being found guilty of possession and importation of the drug methamphetamine.

Transparent plastic bags with white powder isolated on black background

File photo. Photo: 123RF File photo

Tafuna Tauialo, 45, was arrested after being found with 25.8 grams of meth upon entering Samoa.

Customs and police officers using a sniffer dog found the illegal drug in a jacket in the defendant's luggage.

Justice Leiātaualesā Darrel Clarke said it would be a mistake for people to think Samoa lacked the capacity at its border to detect illegal narcotics.

He said the presence of sniffer dogs should give anyone thinking of importing drugs to Samoa pause to reconsider, due to the consequences.