29 Nov 2019

University of South Pacific staff want investigator's report released

4:38 pm on 29 November 2019

University of the South Pacific staff say a report into allegations of mismanagement at the institution should be made public.

USP's Suva campus

USP's Suva campus Photo: wikicommons

Forensic accountant BDO Auckland was engaged to investigate alleged corruption at the university.

USP vice chancellor and president Pal Ahluwalia alleged serious mismanagement and abuse of process at the university, involving his predecessor Rajesh Chandra.

On Thursday, a sub-committee from the USP met with a university-appointed commission to discuss the BDO report.

The secretary of the USP Staff Union, Ilima Finiasi, told the Fiji Times the BDO report made no clear reference to any outcome of possible breaches as outlined by Professor Ahluwalia.

He said instead the BDO reports four remuneration mechanisms at the USP were collectively exploited, leading to instances of 'significant cash leakages' over a number of years.

He demanded the report, "paid for by taxpayers and student fees, be released for full disclosure on the allegations of the breaches".

BDO Auckland has yet to respond to a request for a comment.