11 Nov 2019

Niue MP court challenge of Speaker shutting down questions

2:03 pm on 11 November 2019
Niue Parliament

Niue Parliament Photo: Supplied

Niue MP Terry Coe says he will get his day in court later this month challenging the actions of Parliament's Speaker, Togiavalu Pihigia.

Mr Coe, who is one of the few MPs who question the government's actions, said when he tried to put a question or a motion in Parliament, he was shut down by Mr Pihigia.

He said such matters were for the relevant minister to respond to, not the Speaker.

"Once you start closing things off and giving the Speaker sole rights to do what ever he virtually wants and he's favouring the government of the day, that's not good. A Speaker should give the minority time to speak and allows these questions and motions - that's good governance and that's what the people want," he said.

Mr Coe said he was expecting the court to rule which of the two men was correctly following standing orders.

He said he feared the government members wanted to change the standing orders to give the Speaker more power.