4 Nov 2019

Samoa Cabinet orders removal of govt vehicle 'mag wheels'

12:01 pm on 4 November 2019

Samoa's government is moving to cut spending on government vehicles by removing what it deems unnecessary accessories, including "mag wheels".

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Photo: podsolnukh/123RF

Cabinet has ordered the removal of the accessories for them to be sold by public auction, the Samoa Observer reports.

Fourteen heads of government ministries have been identified as having defied policies banning the use of accessories like 'mag' wheels and tinted windows.

Some items have already gone under the hammer at the government yard in Vaimea under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

A government official at the auction said several sets of mag wheels were sold for $US443 and $US553 apiece at last week's sale.

Only a few of the identified vehicles are still sporting mag wheels and tinted windows.

At the government petrol outlet, all vehicles still with mag wheels and tinted windows are being turned away.

"Effective immediately, all Government vehicles with tints and stylish mag wheels will not be allowed to refuel here," a Ministry of Finance notice said.

The government has also approved the bulk purchasing of vehicles to save funds and prevent the addition of unnecessary accessories.