23 Sep 2019

Niue's Premier returns to island but not to office

3:29 pm on 23 September 2019

Niue's Premier Sir Toke Talagi has returned to the island, having been in Auckland for over two months receiving medical treatment.

Toke TalagiToke Talagi

Toke Talagi Photo: RNZ/ Sara Vui-Talitu

Sir Toke had travelled to Auckland for the Indonesian Pacific Expo in July and stayed on since then.

There had been concerns expressed by the Opposition MPs over his prolonged absence and uncertain health status.

BCN News reported although Sir Toke had now returned to the island, Billy Talagi remained Acting Premier.

The Niue Constitution allows for the someone to perform the functions of a Premier if illness or absence temporarily prevents the current Premier from conducting their duties.

However, the Constitution does not state a time limit for a Minister holding the acting position.

Sir Toke has not attended public events in Niue since March.