21 Sep 2019

6 sentenced for assaulting New Caledonia police

5:44 pm on 21 September 2019

Six men in New Caledonia have been given jail sentences of up to four years for assaulting police on Ouvea on Monday.

Two officers were injured, one seriously, when they were attacked at a roadblock a group of locals set up in the middle of the island.

A 23-year-old was sentenced to four years for throwing a rock which hit an officer's face.

A 25-year-old was sentenced to three years for punching another officer in the face.

The defendants admitted having been drinking on the day of the incident.

The group also stoned the officers' vehicle and set it alight.

The confrontation was calmed when by chance off duty officers arrived at the scene.

The roadblock was set up by the group reportedly because they wanted to take revenge on others over last month's fatal attack on a local man.