Group in French Polynesia jailed over underage sex and drugs

7:29 am on 2 September 2019

Ten people in French Polynesia have been given jail sentences of up to seven years over a racket with child prostitution sex and drug dealing.

The criminal court gave a seven-year prison term to a former teacher Sabine Boiron who was identified as the central figure procuring children who were given methamphetamine.

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Her former partner, who was in the real estate business, Thierry Barbion was sentenced to four years in jail after the court concluded that he gave her money to get access to minors.

A former nightclub manager Marc Ramel was also given a four-year prison term for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in exchange for drugs.

Four of those convicted have been entered into the sex offenders' registry.


French Polynesia's appeal court will hear a request to free Thierry Barbion.

The defence lawyer Francois Quinquis told Tahiti-infos that the wrongdoing was not proven.

However, the president of the court likened the offending to modern day slavery and gave harsher sentences than requested by the prosecution.

Barbion's appeal is scheduled for 19 September while the entire case will be heard in the appeal court in January.