27 Aug 2019

American Samoa TeleCommunications get $US14m boost

2:02 pm on 27 August 2019

The government owned American Samoa TeleCommunications Authority has been awarded more than $US14 million in federal funding over the next 10-years for maintaining, improving, and expanding affordable broadband.

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Photo: 123rf

Funding for American Samoa, is part of a nearly $US5 billion package awarded to 39 states and locations in the United States.

The Federal Communications Commission said the support was targeted to smaller rural carriers.

The fund aims to support improvements in sparsely populated areas where deployment and service costs are high.

The funding to American Samoa should help accommodate nearly 4,300 homes and businesses.

The local authority says while subsidies have been received in the past, the new funding is approximately 15- 20 percent higher than before.