10 Aug 2019

Alert in Fiji over measles

1:53 pm on 10 August 2019
An illustratioj of the highly contagious measles virus.

Photo: AFP / nobeastsofierce / Science Photo Library

The Fiji Ministry of Health has issued an alert over measles exposure.

The warning comes after a New Zealander was diagnosed with measles after arriving in Los Angeles on 23 July.

The victim had been traveling on a Fiji Airways flight from Auckland to Nadi and then onto Los Angeles.

The ministry is warning people travelling on these flights:

FJ 410 from Auckland to Nadi (arrival in Nadi airport at 4.05pm)

FJ 810 from Nadi to Los Angeles (departed Nadi airport 9.40pm)

It says any passengers on these flights or anyone in the Nadi Airport international transit and/or departure lounges between 4.05pm to 11.40pm on Tuesday July 23rd, should watch for signs of measles.