18 Jul 2019

Petition next step for Cook Islands water protestors

6:21 am on 18 July 2019

The Cook Islands group opposing the use of chlorine in the Rarotonga water supply intends to launch a petition.

Water running from a tap

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Rarotonga's multi-million dollar water reticulation system is about to come online and the government wants to purify it.

But Te Vai Ora Maori said the water was already pure as the supply was mountain fed and chemical disinfection isn't necessary.

Spokesperson, Anna Rasmussen, said they have been advised the government had already stockpiled quantities of chlorine, even though it had said no decision had been made.

Ms Rasmussen said the government must stop taking any further steps to chlorinate the water until there have been full, frank and open consultations with the people of Rarotonga.