8 Jul 2019

International help sought as Cooks radio mast goes

2:19 pm on 8 July 2019

Radio Cook Islands is seeking help to maintain its services around the country, after a decision to dismantle the station's rusting AM transmitter mast in Rarotonga.

Radio Cook Islands

Photo: Facebook/ Radio Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Investment Corporation has already indicated the mast, which transmits to the outer islands, will not be replaced.

But Radio Cook Islands said it wanted to strengthen its services and has produced a document suggesting possible solutions.

The company's chief executive, Jeanne Matenga, said these included replacing the mast and beefing up its FM transmission which is already available on some of the islands.

"I have sent them to the Australian and New Zealand High Commissions to see if they could assist us with the Pa Enua (outer islands) portion of the service, because for us it is a public service broadcasting service, so I thought I would ask them because they are always assisting with little projects, especially for radio."