5 Jul 2019

Cooks govt to penalise contractors over road damage

11:41 am on 5 July 2019

The Cook Islands government will penalise contractors who cause damage to public roads.

First set of radar speed signs installed in Rarotonga

First set of radar speed signs installed in Rarotonga Photo: Supplied: Cook Islands Police Service

The newly passed Infrastructure Act states that any contractor found to have damaged a road will be liable to pay for repairs.

Other damage such as oil or gravel spills will result in an official request to clean up the mess.

Fines are also possible with regulations under development to specify the rates.

The Cook Islands News reports local contractor T&M Heather has welcomed the Act "as long as it applies to everyone".

The company's Joseph Heather said government departments operating heavy machinery should also be fined if they damage roads.

Infrastructure secretary Diane Charlie-Puna said contractors and utilities had to apply for permission to cut holes in roads.

However, there are still some that fail to apply, she said.