20 Jun 2019

Samoa women paid higher wage, but inequalities persist

7:31 am on 20 June 2019

The average wage for Samoan women is higher than men even though males continue to dominate the formal employment sector.

The Samoa Observer reports the discrepancy is contained in a recent report from the Bureau of Statistics for March 2019.

The report says about 56 percent of the work force are men who command 54 percent of the country's total wages.

But it says the average quarterly wage for women is $US210 more than men, (6,020 tālā for women and $5,496 tālā for men) making the average annual wage of women about 12 percent higher than men.

Public administration, finance, health and education employ more women but primary industries, construction, communications and commerce have more men in their ranks.

Samoa's workforce increased by 1.1 percent since last December and salaries are up by 1.4 percent.