14 Jun 2019

Crackdown on health standards at Vanuatu kava bars

8:54 am on 14 June 2019

Municipal Wardens in Port Vila are inspecting health and safety standards in more than 100 kava bars around the Vanuatu capital.

Kava club owner Eddie Dick

Kava club owner Eddie Dick Photo: RNZ/ Pacific - Moera Tuilaepa-Taylor

The Port Vila Municipality recently passed a by-law aimed at ensuring kava bars were clean and healthy and that sellers always washed their hands with soap and water before handling kava.

The by-law also prevents people who sell kava from smoking and spitting close to where the product is sold.

Sellers must also wear an apron, a head cover and gloves.

If bar owners fail to comply with the standards then authorities can order the temporary closure of the kava bars.