Transparency says Solomons govt being overly ambitious

2:44 pm on 6 June 2019

Transparency International Solomon Islands says the government's new 100 Day Plan is overly ambitious.

Ruth Liloqula

Ruth Liloqula Photo: RNZ Pacific/koro Vaka'uta

Manasseh Sogavare's government launched the policy framework of over 100 pages last weekend.

It outlined what the government wants to achieve in the immediate future and covers many areas including infrastructure, health and social services.

But Transparency International's Ruth Liloqula said the government may have bitten off more than it can chew.

"The plan is very ambitious and knowing how badly under-resourced our public service is, the government machinery is, and all of that, it's very ambitious. Whether it's achievable or not, that is a question we have."

Ruth Liloqula said so many areas may have been covered as to keep everyone in the coalition happy.

She also said the government should to let the public know how it will fund the plan.

"They have promised all of this but there is nothing there to tell us where the money is coming from.

"They have said absolutely nothing about where the revenue base is, how they are going to raise the money to cover the cost of what they have now promised because this is probably only the first phase of it, it is got to be continued."

Ruth Liloqula said she would like to the give the government the benefit of the doubt but more answers need to be provided.

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