4 Jun 2019

Kiribati vice president's overseas trips investigated

2:56 pm on 4 June 2019

The vice president of Kiribati has been told by the president to take leave while investigations are carried out into his overseas trips.

Vice President & Minister for Public Works & Utilities - Kourabi Nenem

Kourabi Nenem Photo: Supplied

It was reported that Vice President Kourabi Nenem went on an official trip to Saudi Arabia and instead of returning to Kiribati he stopped by Indonesia without the president's knowledge.

President Taneti Maamau summoned his deputy to find out more about his trip to Indonesia.

The opposition party Boutokaan te Koaua, the BTK, said it wads organising a protest to deliver a message to the president that they want the vice president to step down.

The BTK also had concerns with the vice president's involvement in a yet to be started, multi-million dollar stadium in Bairiki.