3 Jun 2019

Language app includes Gagana Samoa

3:17 pm on 3 June 2019

A newly released version of a language app will allow Samoans to carry their language wherever they go.

Drops app

Photo: Drops

The award-winning Drops added Gagana Samoa to its platform last week, to coincide with New Zealand's Samoan Language week which ended on the weekend.

Samoan is the third Pacific language on Drops, joining te reo Māori and Hawaiian.

Samoan singer and entertainer Annie Grace provided her voice for the app and said it would allow the next generation of speakers to access their language everywhere.

"Just the whole holistic approach to learning the Sāmoan Gagana and cultivating it anywhere you go with this app. It's an incredible tool to have, to learn and to cultivate the language. You look everywhere, everyone has a smartphone in their hand which means they're gonna have the Samoan Gagana in their hand."

Annie Grace has said it would give access to everyone who wants to learn more Gagana, no matter what level they are at.

"The Samoan Gagana on the language drops it starts from the very basic of the basics in Samoan Gagana then it goes up to your matai language which is like your chief language. So there's for everyone and there is room for everyone to learn and to grow with this language drops app."

With categories like food, health and travel, Drops will teach over 1,800 Samoan words through quick, five-minute word games.