Massive cocaine haul in French Polynesia

3:48 pm on 1 June 2019

Police in French Polynesia have seized 340 kilogrammes of cocaine off a sailing boat in the Tuamotus.

The public broadcaster La Première reports that the boat was searched on behest of the customs department after it docked on the atoll of Apataki, east of Rangiroa, reportedly because of engine troubles.

Rangiroa Atoll, Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia.

Rangiroa Atoll, Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia. Photo: AFP / Photononstop

After discovering the cocaine the police detained the captain, who is said to be an Italian citizen, and three others.

The four have been transferred to Tahiti where the boat was originally travelling.

The broadcaster said the boat is also being moved to Tahiti under police protection.

There, it will be dismantled as there are suspicions up to a tonne of cocaine might be concealed in it.