Flights to French Polynesia's Ua Huka resume

2:30 pm on 30 May 2019

Flights have resumed to one of the two airports in French Polynesia's Marquesas group of islands which had been closed two weeks ago.

Air Archipels has restarted its service to Ua Huka after being urged to do so by the government after complaints about the loss of travel opportunities.

However, the airline said the French civil aviation concerns expressed with the Ua Pou runway remain and it won't fly there.

Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. Bay of Nuku Hiva.

Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. Bay of Nuku Hiva. Photo: Copyright: sorincolac / 123RF Stock Photo

According to local media reports, the government has tested the solidity of the disputed runway section by using a truck weighing more than twice the Twin Otter aircraft which are used to land there.

The suspension of the service to the two islands initially affected about 3,000 residents.

The government this week reminded the airline of its obligations under the operating licence to service the entire territory, and called for flights to the two islands to be resumed right away.

Air Archipels is a subsidiary of Air Tahiti.