21 May 2019

Claims legal adoption process circumvented in Samoa

11:28 am on 21 May 2019

The Samoa Nurses Association says there have been attempts to circumvent the legal adoption process at the country's main hospital.

Tuasivi Hospital in Savai'i Samoa.

Tuasivi Hospital in Savai'i Samoa. Photo: Samoa Government

Newsline Samoa reported association president Solialofi Papali'i Bismarck saying maternity ward nurses have intervened to prevent illegal, prearranged adoptions.

Solialofi said pregnant women who agree to the illegal adoptions are being told to write the adopted parents names on hospital forms.

But she said some mothers are then having a change of heart and refusing to give up their babies after bonding with their children.

Solialofi said this has caused quarrels with adopted parents waiting at the hospital in which nurses have intervened.

Newsline reports the Ministry of Justice warning people to follow the proper legal process for adoption.