20 May 2019

Major Solomons exporter battles copycat producers

12:13 pm on 20 May 2019

One of Solomon Islands biggest exporters, SolTuna, is battling companies around the region that they believe are trying to trade on their name.


Photo: SolTuna.com.au

Recently local media reported the High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea calling on Solomon Islanders there to keep a look out for companies passing their product off as SolTuna's.

The managing director of SolTuna, Adrian Wickham, said companies selling into Vanuatu, Fiji and PNG have been packaging canned tuna to look like SolTuna products, such as their iconic Solomon Blue.

He said they had already had success with legal action in Fiji.

"No longer do we have the copycat labels on the market there. In Papua New Guinea we have a decision pending by the courts, which we are confident of winning, and in Vanuatu we have asked the importer of these copycat products to remove them - if not we we will have to take legal action as well."