17 May 2019

Tuvalu Prime Minister faces no confidence motion

3:02 pm on 17 May 2019

A motion of no confidence has been filed against Tuvalu's prime minister, Enele Sopoaga.

Former Tuvalu Prime Minister, Enele Sopoaga

Former Tuvalu Prime Minister, Enele Sopoaga Photo: RNZ Pacific / Koro Vaka'uta

The motion was filed on the same day as the UN Secretary General Antonio Gueterres visited the atoll state.

The motion was lodged with the clerk of parliament by opposition MP Isaia Taape, and will likely be tabled in parliament next Tuesday.

Mr Taape's motion needs the backing of five MPs, and for Mr Sopoaga to be ousted, it will need the backing of a majority of the 15-member parliament.

One of the most prominent climate change advocates on the world stage, Enele Sopoaga's been the prime minister since he rolled Willie Telavi in a similar motion in 2013.

However, at home he's already faced several motions against him, with the country of 10,000 people due to hold an election later this year.