19 Apr 2019

Samoa union upset by employers failing to pay worker's superannuation

8:21 pm on 19 April 2019

A senior Samoa First Union organiser has accused some of the country's employers of failing to pay workers' contributions to the Samoa National Provident Fund.

Apia CBD the capital of Samoa.

Apia CBD the capital of Samoa. Photo: RNZI/Koroi Hawkins

Saina Tomi Setu told the Samoa Observer that a proposed increase in workers contributions to the fund would only put more money in the employers pockets.

She said many workers have come to them seeking help with cases where employers have deducted SNPF contributions from workers and failed to pay them to the fund along with their employer contribution.

Ms Setu said it's better for them to not increase the contributions but to follow up and encourage employers to pay their contributions.

Current contributions are seven percent of workers' pay, which is matched by the employer, but the government has announced plans to increase contributions to 10 percent starting in July this year.

The increase will be done in one percent increases staggered over three years.