16 Apr 2019

Bougainville woman awarded one kina for assault

5:59 pm on 16 April 2019

A magistrate in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville has ordered three men charged with assault to pay the victim one kina, or $US0.3, in compensation.

Fatima Kolisi filed a complaint against the men, Ivan Gasi, Nigel Milo and Gerio Gasi, seeking 10,000 kina ($US2960) for physical assault, insulting words, damage to property and related costs.

New Dawn FM reported Buka magistrate Bruce Tasikul saying the complainant and her relatives had failed to comply with previous court decisions by the local land court, the District Court and the National Court.

He said this resulted in the attack by the three men.

The magistrate asked whether the complainant, having not respected previous court orders, could then seek redress from the same court for assault.

The magistrate concluded she had this right but was only entitled to what he termed 'contemptuous damages'.