16 Apr 2019

Fiji soldier awarded Queen's medal for bravery

12:31 pm on 16 April 2019
Queen's Galantry Medal

Queen's Galantry Medal Photo: Hsq7278

A Fijian soldier in the British Army has been awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal for bravery.

The officer from the Royal Tank Regiment is reported to have jumped into a burning tank to save soldiers trapped inside.

Corporal Saimone Qasenivalu was this week on the UK's Special honours list after he and another officer rescued comrades from a training accident in Wales in June, 2017.

FBC News reported the two soldiers disregarded smoke and flames to pull two people from the vehicle after an explosion killed two other soldiers.

Mr Qasenivalu said he was humbled to be recognised and would not forget his colleagues who were lost in the tragedy.

The Queen's Gallantry Medal is awarded for acts of bravery by civilians and members of the British Armed Forces.