13 Apr 2019

Kiribati opposition MPs ordered out of the House

5:27 am on 13 April 2019

Two Kiribati opposition MPs were ordered to leave parliament yesterday after they refused to obey the speaker's rulings.

Parliament House in Kiribati

Parliament House in Kiribati Photo: RNZ Pacific / Koro Vaka'uta

Both MPs had tried to make points of order despite not being given the floor.

They wanted a motion of no confidence in the Education Minister David Collins to be the priority issue.

One of the suspended MPs, opposition leader, Titabu Tabane, hit the table and shouted but the Speaker ,Tebuai Uaai, said they had shown disrespect to the speaker and parliament.

He said the two MPs would need to apologise to the House when they return on Monday.

The house, with the two MPs absent, has since discussed the no confidence motion, but there are no details yet on the outcome.