Solomons voters told to hold leaders to account

4:42 pm on 9 April 2019

Voters in Solomon Islands are being reminded their civic responsibility does not stop at the ballot box.

A voting station in the Solomon Islands

A voting station in the Solomon Islands Photo: RNZ Pacific/ Koroi Hawkins

Nearly three quarters of sitting MPs were returned to parliament after last week's election and efforts are underway to form a government.

Transparency Solomon Islands is urging voters to be vigilant in holding their newly elected representatives accountable.

The organisation's chief executive, Ruth Liloqula, said people needed to realise they were as equally responsible for the actions of their leaders, as they were for having chosen them.

"This country can only change if all of us make the effort to make that change," Ms Liloqula said.

"Your vote is your voice and you only control that but after casting your ballot paper your responsibility does not end here, it has just begun," she said.

"You also need to exercise that right to hold your leaders accountable for the sake of Solomon Islands."

Meanwhile, as negotiations to form the next government ramp up in the capital, Honiara, a coalition appears to be forming around Kandere, a major party in the last coalition government.

The Solomon Islands Democratic Party is the only other party to emerge from the election with at least eight successful candidates.

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