20 Mar 2019

Rotumans pay tribute to victims of Christchurch shootings

3:36 pm on 20 March 2019

Rotumans in Auckland have remembered the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attacks by planting flowers at the Masjid E Umar Mosque in the suburb of Mt Roskill.

Rotumans plant flowers at the Masjid E Umar mosque in Auckland.

Rotumans plant flowers at the Masjid E Umar mosque in Auckland. Photo: Supplied

The island community has been shocked and saddened by the shootings which killed 50 people and injured another 50, according to Auckland Rotuman Fellowship group leader Faga Fasala.

It is their duty to respect and stand with the rest of New Zealand and send a message to our Muslim brothers and sisters that they are not alone during "these darkest of days", said Mr Fasala.

"It's symbolic of the love, the care that we have for one another, especially living here in Aotearoa," he said.

"We believe that whatever happens to anyone, it is duly our respect and our love for other people for us to show the importance of - especially - life."

The Rotuman community will return to the mosque, said Mr Fasala, to plant more flowers.

He said there had been an overwhelming support from people in Auckland bringing flowers and praying at the mosque.

Mr Fasala said a resident of Mt Roskill was touched by the group's gesture and she had volunteered to bring a plaque to place among the flowers.

"When such events like the attacks in Christchurch occur, it is only right that those of us left behind come together to show support to the victims and their families," he said.

"It's a tragedy that has no place in New Zealand or anywhere in the world."

Mr Fasala said the senseless taking of innocent lives should not be condoned by anyone or any community.

He added people who bring terror on others must be dealt with severely by the authorities.