15 Mar 2019

Cook Islands makes plea for climate change assistance

3:07 pm on 15 March 2019

The Cook Islands government has a renewed plea to international partners for financial assistance in its fight against climate change.

The pitch was made at a meeting in Rarotonga this morning between government officials and representatives from the UN and New Zealand.

Beach in Rarotonga

Beach in Rarotonga Photo: RNZI Walter Zweifel

Wayne King, the director of the Cook Islands Climate Change department, said the government needed more funding for several ambitious projects.

He said one of these is the country's plan goal of having 100 percent renewable energy by 2020.

"We also have building resilience into our infrastructure because that is the basis for our livelihood like for example, protecting our airports and ports from extreme events," Mr King said.

He said the Development and Resilience Roundtable will conclude tomorrow.