15 Mar 2019

Solomon Islands look to change outdated health laws

6:51 am on 15 March 2019

The Solomon Islands government is moving to change its outdated health administration laws.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is facilitating the process with support from the World Health Organisation.

Permanent Secretary of Health, Pauline McNeil

Permanent Secretary of Health, Pauline McNeil Photo: RNZ Pacific / Georgina Kekea

The Permanent Secretary of Health, Pauline McNeil said it is a momentous step for the system.

Mrs McNeil said laws underpinning the health system are currently outdated and deficient.

She said reform is necessary if the country is to have an effective, modern health system that cares for all Solomon Islanders.

"Effective health administrative laws are quite critical to the success of the health system in this country but particularly moreso on our efforts to progress the implementation of our current policies, our current instutitional frameworks going forward, in terms of our advancement to the acheivement of universal health coverage," Pauline McNeil said.

She said some of the existing policies and laws date back to the 1930's and have never been amended.