7 Mar 2019

Kiribati TV providing culturally sensitive news

3:32 pm on 7 March 2019

A recently launched television service in Kiribati says its news will remain sensitive to the culture and traditions of the islands.

News Editor, Tibwere Bobo, and Production Trainer, Aren Baoa

News Editor, Tibwere Bobo, and Production Trainer, Aren Baoa Photo: RNZ Pacific / Koro Vaka'uta

Locally owned and operated, Wave TV is also the only television station to produce and broadcast local content in Kiribati.

Most of that content is news and current affairs.

The government in Kiribati has not always been at ease with the media and Wave TV's Production Trainer Aren Baoa acknowledged there were some cultural challenges.

"I think there is a new approach to trying to make programmes here. One of them is to be very sensitive with the local culture. Also with sensitivities within the politics of this country and that's why we are very careful in trying to produce these programmes. As you know, one wrong word and that's it."

News Editor Tibwere Bobo also said there were challenges to covering current affairs in Kiribati.

"We have to be careful because of these cultural and traditional ways of living. It's sometimes a very difficult thing because we have to be aware of what sort of barrier.

"We are not going to step over it. We have to pick the right words and phrases to express the news."

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Photo: Wave TV