26 Feb 2019

Health check ups ordered for American Samoa inmates

8:39 pm on 26 February 2019

American Samoan authorities have ordered health check ups for inmates and improvements to the territory's prison.

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Photo: 123RF

Lieutenant governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga led an inspection of the Territorial Corrections Facility, following reports sick inmates had not been taken to hospital and that there was no water and bad food.

The Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua said the water supply was inadequate, there were no sinks for hand washing, poor ventilation and not enough space in the cells.

Motusa said his department would get a medical team to visit and refer patients to hospital or the mental health clinic if necessary.

The authorities also committed to working on the prison's water supply and employing cooks, as inmates have been cooking their own meals.