20 Feb 2019

Social media users in Vanuatu urged to cut foul language

2:47 pm on 20 February 2019

Social media users in Vanuatu have been urged to show respect for others online and not use foul language against national leaders especially on Facebook.

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Photo: Photo / AFP

The call has come from Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat and the Chief Executive Officer of the National Council of Chiefs, Jean Pierre Tom

Both have raised concern with the way social media is used for personal attacks by people behind fake identities or anonymously.

Mr Napuat has called on all individuals who are not happy with him for whatever reason, to call at his office to discuss their frustrations rather than vent on social media.

Speaking for the National Council of Chiefs, Mr Tom quoted the country's first Prime Minster, Father Walter Lini as saying, "Respect is honourable".

Mr Tom said people must show respect for each other even if they are not happy.