19 Feb 2019

'Prosecutorial misconduct' leads to mistrial in CNMI rape case

10:19 am on 19 February 2019

Citing "prosecutorial misconduct," the Superior Court in the Northern Marianas has declared a mistrial in an ongoing rape case.

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Photo: 123rf

Superior Court Judge Roberto Naraja said he ordered the mistrial of Manolo Romolor after nearly 80 objections were raised against state prosecutors.

He also said there were an excessively large amount of errors and inappropriate use of the complaining witness' first name.

A mistrial means the trial has been terminated or declared void, but it does not mean charges have been dropped.

The prosecution will be able to dismiss the charges, a plea agreement could be discussed, or the case will re-start.

Mr Romolor is charged with first degree sexual assault and disturbing the peace.