14 Feb 2019

Palau petition launched to ban absentee ballots

11:18 am on 14 February 2019

A former president of Palau wants to limit voting in national and state elections to citizens in the country.

hand voting with Palau flag in background

Photo: 123 RF

Johnson Toribiong recently unveiled his petition to amend Palau's constitution in order to stop absentee ballots being sent from overseas.

Mr Toribiong said an increasing number of Palauans living outside the country are influencing election results.

He said those living elsewhere don't pay taxes, contribute to the economy or live with the consequence of their vote.

The Island Times reported there have been numerous allegations of absentee ballot manipulation and fraud in past elections.

It said if 25 percent of registered voters sign the petition, it will force a referendum before the general election in 2020.