Experienced nurses leaving Solomons for better conditions

9:41 am on 7 February 2019

Solomon Islands is losing experienced nurses to neighbouring Pacific countries because of low pay and poor working conditions.

Portrait of a young smiling nurse

Photo: 123RF

This is according to the general secretary of the Solomon Islands Nurses Association, Steve Maitani.

The association is preparing a nationwide strike after the government failed to increase nurses' allowances last month.

Mr Maitani said every day nurses go the extra mile, working long hours with little to show for it.

"At the moment the nursing workforce, what we are facing now is that we are experiencing some of our nurses will be going out overseas and work overseas. Which has a very big impact on the nursing service in the Solomons."

Steve Maitani said the association is calling on the government to increase nurses' allowances by the 26th of February or face strike action.