24 Jan 2019

Fiji churches urged to practise what they preach

7:45 am on 24 January 2019

Fiji's churches have been challenged to make a stand in the fight against violence.

Rev Orisi Vuki speaking at the launch of the House of Sarah.

Rev Orisi Vuki speaking at the launch of the House of Sarah. Photo: House of Sarah

The Anglican Church's Vicar-General, Orisi Vuki, said many people saw churches as a conservative force resistant to change.

There was much talk of zero-tolerance to violence within homes, schools and communities throughout the country, Reverend Vuki said.

But implementing projects to prevent violence against women and girls could make that talk reality, he said.

"The people really want to see what we do. People really do not want to hear what we say," the Vicar-General said.

"We are good at preaching about the Gospel, about love, reconciliation and peace but actually seeing it being done is one of the challenges the church is facing nowadays."

Reverend Vuki was speaking in Suva this week at the launch of an initiative by the House of Sarah, Preventing Violence Against Women in Fiji's Faith Settings.

He said it was time to bring the teachings from the Bible, which supported God's vision for human relationships, to the campaign against violence.

"Changes are happening, though small but in the long run will be positive and life-giving," he said.

The initiative fits the cultural context of Fiji, Reverend Vuki said.