21 Jan 2019

Samoa MP wants Chinese flags removed from building sites

7:23 pm on 21 January 2019
Two butterflies with flags on wings as symbol of relations China and Samoa

Photo: 123RF

A Samoan MP is calling on the country's prime minister to take down Chinese flags flying at various construction projects.

Olo Fonoti Vaai says it does not make any sense to allow the Chinese to fly their national flag in Samoa when the projects are being funded by loans which Samoan taxpayers will ultimately repay.

He says while Samoa is grateful for assistance from the Chinese government, the projects are not aid grants but are part of the country's multi million dollar debt owed to China.

A spokesperson at the Chinese Embassy told the Samoa Observer it is common to fly two countries' flags during building projects to show the cooperation and friendship between the two countries involved.

But Olo told local media the government must be cautious and Samoa needs to honour its hard fought national independence and show some national pride.