21 Jan 2019

Ambae people welcome Vanuatu government support

4:28 pm on 21 January 2019

Custom chiefs from Ambae have welcomed the Vanuatu government's decision to feed the people of Ambae island for four more months while they plant their gardens.

Ambae volcano ash

Ashfall on Ambae Photo: Philippe Carillo - Fusion productions Ltd

Ambaeans who have already returned home after the erupting Manaro volcano caused a state of emergency ended in November, are facing a lack of food because their animals have eaten or dug crops up.

Chief Ken Vuvu said food remained the biggest worry since it takes three months for for example kumala to mature.

The Daily Post said the ministers also recommended the reopening of Lolowai Hospital in East Ambae and the Nduindui Health Centre in West Ambae.

It was also agreed to reactive telecommunication facilities for mobile phones and for police to oversee the safe return of the evacuees from Santo, Maewo and Pentecost Islands.

The chief said his community of 120 people of North East Ambae live on the premises of the Baptist Church which has been most helpful by way of providing them with fresh food from the market.

He said water was also a concern because sources on Ambae have all been contaminated by volcanic ash from the Manaro volcano.

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