16 Jan 2019

More stray dogs at Fiji landfill worries nearby residents

12:49 pm on 16 January 2019

Residents in Fiji are fuming at the rising number of stray dogs at a rubbish dump near Lautoka and have called on the authorities to do something about it.

Flock of stray homeless dogs on a city street

Photo: Alex Renisons/ 123rf

One resident Allen Lockington, who lives about two kilometres from the Vunato landfill, claims he has seen some dog owners abandon their pets near the dump.

The retired civil servant said there was also the unpleasant smell coming from the site, adding that the problem is so bad that when it rains, water seeps into the nearby waterways.

Mr Lockington warned of a health and environmental crisis.

"People dump their dog near the dump. They go for a walk, then jump into their car and drive away. Huge stench blows our way and you get a terrible smell. There's a lot of toxic chemicals there.

"I think there would be close to a hundred, that's not only stray dogs. There are many people around Vunato area who have dogs who are neglected.

"The ministry of agriculture promised this and that and nothing happened."