15 Jan 2019

Some American Samoa govt staff driving illegally

5:43 am on 15 January 2019
Men's hand using key unlock doors car

Photo: 123rf

The American Samoa governor says some officials are driving government vehicles without licences or proper authorisation.

In his first cabinet meeting of the year Lolo Matalasi Moliga told directors they were not paying enough attention to the issue and they needed to make sure that employees followed policy.

Lolo said his office, which is responsible for monitoring the use of vehicles and issuing authorisation for after hours use, holds some blame.

He said there were some employees driving vehicles without a licence.

Lolo also highlighted a case where a director locked a government vehicle at his home while he was off-island for two weeks.

The governor said this was not right as the car should have been available for government work.

He said driving a government vehicle was a privilege which had regulations and rules.