12 Jan 2019

Stench of dead rats shuts down American Samoa tax office

9:44 am on 12 January 2019

Health officials in American Samoa have shutdown the government's tax office due to the stench caused by dead rats.

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Photo: 123RF

Samoa News reported that tax office employees were dismissed early from form the office on the first floor of the Executive Office Building (EOB) on Wednesday and Thursday due to the unbearable smell in the office.

The department of Health showed up Wednesday after employees complained about the stench - and following an inspection, sent the workers home.

The rat infestation problem at EOB in Utulei has been a long-standing problem and the government has been working to address it.

Earlier, a notice was sent to all agencies housed at the building warning employees not to eat inside the offices or leave food at their desks.

The workers were due back into the office today.

The closure comes just as the 2019 tax filing season begins and wage earners are eagerly awaiting their tax forms to file for tax refunds.