Unsuccessful candidates of Tahiti's opposition to get expenses reimbursed

3:11 pm on 11 January 2019
Geffry Salmon.

Geffry Salmon. Photo: Tahoeraa Huiraatira

Unsuccessful candidates of French Polynesia's opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira are set to get their campaign expenses reimbursed by the party's leading assembly member.

Radio 1 reports that this has been confirmed by Geffry Salmon, who is currently the Tahoeraa's top politician as party leader Gaston Flosse is barred from office because of a corruption conviction.

The station reported that the unsuccessful candidates in last year's territorial election had written to Mr Salmon in November after the French authorities had approved their campaign accounts.

The money had been repaid to Mr Salmon for distribution but according to Radio 1 Mr Flosse wanted to meet the claimants over the issue.

Mr Salmon assured the failed politicians they would get their entitlements before the end of the month.

The published documents have the sums blacked out.

The leader of the rival opposition Tavini Huiraatira party Oscar Temaru had his campaign accounts rejected last October and was forced to quit the assembly.